What is the State of the Valley Conference?

State of the Valley is an old-fashioned “town hall” meeting, a tradition at least as old as our nation’s founding, when concerned citizens met on the village green to mobilize for the challenges ahead. In that same spirit, Joint Venture’s town meeting convenes the entire region—concerned citizens and stakeholders, thought leaders and opinion makers, journalists, students and academics, our elected representatives and their professional staff, business leaders, labor and workforce leaders, venture capitalists and others—for dialogue and discussion about the Valley’s challenges and opportunities.

To inform the discussion our principal tool is the Silicon Valley Index, a nationally-recognized publication that has been telling the Silicon Valley story since 1995. The indicators measure the strength of our economy and the health of our community, highlighting challenges and providing a data-rich foundation for decision making.

State of the Valley in the throes of a pandemic?

The 2021 State of the Valley conference will be entirely online, due to the health crisis. This is of course disappointing, but there is also an upside: the conference will no longer be limited by time and space. Accordingly, the conference will take place over two half-days, it will present a wider menu of subjects, and it will draw on a greater range of experts than ever before. People anywhere on the planet can log in for a nominal registration fee, and enjoy some or all of the proceedings.

Is this your first time attending State of the Valley?

If you’ve never participated and you’re curious to see what its like, you can see footage of the 2020 conference (and all past conferences) on Joint Venture’s YouTube channel. The 2020 installment kicked off with a thorough briefing on the 2020 Index, had provocative sessions about the housing crisis and the effect of social media on elections. The conference wrapped with keynote remarks about Silicon Valley and the national scene by news icon Dan Rather.

The 2021 State of the Valley conference is made possible by generous support from Facebook as the lead sponsor, with additional support from Accenture, Stanford Children’s Health, Bank of America and Applied Materials, and these other sponsors.