SEEDZ Initiative Overview

What Are We Doing?

Joint Venture's Smart Energy Enterprise Development (SEEDZ) Initiative unites local energy customers, solution providers, municipalities, institutions and utility interests in building the smart energy network of the future – characterized by the highest levels of power reliability, quality, affordability and sustainability.

Based in Silicon Valley, SEEDZ encompasses a portfolio of essential smart energy elements. Shown below, these elements include practices, standards, and technologies for efficiency, renewable energy, grid performance and business model integration.

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Under the SEEDZ initiative, specific projects are established to focus on shared opportunities and challenges involving multiple energy-related stakeholders. Broadly, these projects include scaling of leading practices, establishment of critical standards, and deployment of shared solutions, programs and advanced infrastructure.

Our Goals

Between now and 2020, SEEDZ collaborators envision building out key elements of the country’s highest-performance two-way power network - a greatly expanded role for clean electricity and active energy management, on a sustainable economic scale. In this process, SEEDZ aims to:

Improve Reliability and Affordability Implement new capabilities, models, and processes for efficient utilization of grid energy assets, improved reliability and affordability
Advance Sustainability Reduce local GHG emissions via expanded use of grid-effective clean and distributed sources of energy, and increased electrification of transportation
Expand Market Opportunity Provide global market expansion and brand enhancement for Silicon Valley companies deploying advanced energy, information, and transport solutions
Attract Investment Attract additional energy-related technology companies, investment and research funding as a hub for development/deployment of advanced solutions
Accelerate Climate Prosperity Accelerate sustainable deployment of smart energy, return measurable benefits to participants, provide leadership and a replicable model for other regions

Why Are We Doing This?

Building a new clean energy-based economy is a global priority. Uniquely, Silicon Valley resides at the heart of an emerging ‘nexus’ between energy, electronics, information technology, and sustainability:

Convergence of Energy, Electronics and IT New electronics and IT applications are converging with traditional energy and transportation solutions. Examples include solar PV, fuel cells, electric vehicles and EV infrastructure, storage energy management systems, wireless networking, sensing, and new power electronics
State and Local Leadership in Environment, Energy, and Sustainability California is taking leading role in energy efficiency and GHG reduction, including an aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standard (50% by 2030), and building energy efficiency standards. Many Bay Area communities have developed climate action plans, and have launched community choice energy programs.
New Grid Dynamics New grid management, reliability, and optimization challenges (e.g. the ‘duck curve’ problem) are arising from expanded use of utility-scale renewable power, increases in distributed renewables, and emergence of electric vehicles
Market and Industry Pressures TThe ICT industry, in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, has growing needs for high-quality power, and is under stakeholder pressure to improve energy efficiency, reliability, and sustainability
Engine for Economic Growth Established Silicon Valley leaders and start-ups are now aggressively engaged in new, highly competitive smart energy markets around the world, and/or are deploying these same solutions in their own operations.

Smart energy promises essential long-term economic and environmental benefits. Yet, as is often the case, the challenge lies in the details. The energy ecosystem is uniquely complicated. Customer requirements vary widely, and introducing new technology carries cost and risk. In addressing these challenges, collaboration is serving as a “force multiplier.”

Bringing various stakeholders together helps to identify areas of common opportunity, define integrated standards and solutions, leverage time and investment, and more rapidly propagate best practices. In this spirit, the SEEDZ program serves to foster ‘smart energy’ collaboration in Silicon Valley.

Who's Involved?

A wide range of stakeholder groups have come together on SEEDZ projects, including major corporate energy customers, governmental entities, utility interests, research institutions and solution providers. In addition, a number of regional and national market participants are also involved with SEEDZ.


SEEDZ project activity is currently focused in the areas of workplace and destination electric vehicle charging infrastructure, renewable energy deployment and community choice energy, and regional power quality monitoring. Additional projects being evaluated on a regular basis, including active grant applications related to energy and water-use efficiency, and energy-related greenhouse gas measurement practices.

Where do I find out more?

To learn more about the SEEDZ initiative, please contact Kara Gross.

Smart Energy (SEEDZ) Objective

Joint Venture’s SEEDZ Initiative is building the ‘smart energy’ network of the future – demonstrating and delivering leading power performance and sustainability benefits on a commercially based, community-wide scale.

SEEDZ Recognition

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