SEEDZ Projects: Electric Transport

Advancing Vehicle Electrification and Charging Infrastructure

Within the Silicon Valley SEEDZ area, transportation currently accounts for 45% of all GHG emissions. So to meet state and local GHG reduction goals of 50-80% by 2050, transformation of our transportation infrastructure is vital. Electrification of vehicles and vehicle infrastructure will be one of the most critical elements in this transformation. Electric Vehicles (EV) in our area produce dramatically fewer GHG emissions per mile than comparable gasoline-powered vehicles – representing as much as an 80-90% emissions reduction opportunity.

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Electric vehicles comprise a small but rapidly growing percentage of new vehicle registrations in our area, and propagation of EV charging infrastructure will be essential for maintaining this important trend. As Silicon Valley moves to broadly deploy EV charging infrastructure, a variety of challenges are emerging. How charging infrastructure will be most effectively and economically deployed throughout the community is a work in process. And there are many use cases – including charging at home, the workplace, in public places, and destination and corridor locations. SEEDZ project activity is focused on leveraging EV infrastructure deployment experience, plans, and investment among both private and public sector practitioners.

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